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Camilla Ferrari’s Street Photography

Italian photographer Camilla Ferrari is best known for her landscape photography and her deep interest in the interaction between human beings and their surroundings, focusing on travel photography and street photography. Since the age of fourteen, Camilla has always been a self-taught photographer until she decided...

On the road with Vishal Marapon

Shortly after graduating from the Film and Media program at Emily Carr University, Vishal Marapon fell in love with photography. Through his work, he tries to capture subtleties and moments which exist in everyday life, using his camera as a tool for sharing in his...

Dreamy photography by Du Yang

Female photographer Du Yang is based in Beijing where she graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Her work is filled with dreamy and poetic pictures that are closely related to nature and the unexpected. She likes to thinks of herself as a poet who captures unrelated,...

Mobile Photography by sejkko

We usually ask our Insta Fav candidates for recommendations to get to know other exciting mobile photographers and that’s also how we discovered sejkko, a ‘scientist working in the area of complex systems, working as an artist interested in visual magical realism’, how he describes...

Amazing Black And White Photographs by Rui Veiga

Rui Veiga creates minimal black and white photographs and shares them on his Instagram as @_darkwhite_. Living in Lausanne, he captures the sharp contrast between light and shadow in urban environments. by looking for symmetry and straight lines. Additionally, his photos, which typically feature symmetric...

Step Into The Quiet World Of Nirav Patel

“When we stop to really listen and see the world, we can detect the quiet in the chaos,” says Nirav Patel. Intending to bring these quiet moments to life through photography, he creates worlds that are as serene as they are mysterious. “When we stop to...

Cinematic Stills From A Fictional Film Noir

Canadian photographer Kourtney Roy shot a series of photographs which appear as stills from a fictional film noir. “I wanted to photograph the non-events that encircle the places where transgressive acts may have taken place.” (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Taken throughout the course of several road trips...

The Quiet Streets Of Tokyo Captured By Hiroharu Matsumoto

Japanese photographer Hiroharu Matsumoto captures the streets of Tokyo in dramatic black and white images, exploring the feeling of loneliness in one of the world’s greatest metropolises. Using the play of light and shadow, Matsumoto creates striking compositions with a minimal touch. While capturing his subjects in-between public...