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In Search Of The Yellow Shirt

The artwork “Yellow Shirt” of the Cairo based photographer and filmmaker Owise Abuzaid shows interesting compositions in the streets of Cairo using a yellow shirt as an eye-catching element. The artist never leaves his house without the yellow shirt which he considers to be a second...

Standing Alone With Mankichi Shinshi

Japanese photographer Mankichi Shinshi’s focuses on shooting non-staged photos in public spaces – which he does. In his ‘Elimination Method’ photo series, Shinshi captures one subject midst action – centering lots of them sleeping, a kid skating, a dog – painlessly – stuck on top of...

Lin Yung Cheng’s Observations Of Society

Lin Yung Cheng, a Taiwanese artist who puts his observation of society behind his portraits of women, femininity, and women’s bodies. In a statement about his work, he says: “Photography is not only a way of expressing emotions, but also a media through which to discover...